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How to Adjust the Thermostat in Main Building

Occasionally tenants may want to adjust the temperature in the building for comfort. Here are instructions on how to adjust the Thermostat as needed..

  • Locate the Thermostat in the main hallway of the building.
  • Typically, the thermostat screen displays with a black screen. Once you stand in front of the thermostat the digital screen will appear.
  • Once the screen appears, take your finger to press and hold the circle temperature icon, then swipe the up or down to increase or decrease the temperature.
  • When you leave the office and no one else is on site, set the temperature back to the normal 73-degree temperature.
  • If for some reason you are unable to adjust the temperature, text your Name & the desired temperature to (714) 702-4546 and the Bauer Properties staff will adjust the temperature for you remotely.

How to Adjust the Thermostat in Suite E & F

Suite E and F get full afternoon sun, so a private AC/Heating unit was added to these offices for additional comfort.

Here are instructions for operating the Mitsubishi AC/Heating Unit:

Locate the Mitsubishi remote control. If returned to its proper location, it will be sitting on the desk.

To turn the unit OFF/ON, hold the remote control low to the ground so the remote has a clear line of site with the Mitsubishi unit, then press the OFF/ON button. Note in the picture, the Vent in the lower portion of the unit is close when not in use.

Vent Closed

Once the OFF/ON button has been pressed, the Unit will make a single beep sound then the Vent will begin to open on the bottom. Note in the picture, the Vent in the lower portion of the unit is open when in use.

Increase or decrease the temperature as desired using the Mitsubishi remote control.

Important: When you leave Suite E, turn the Unit off by pressing the OFF/ON button. When it turns off, the Vent will fully open then return to a closed position. Confirm that it has closed, then return the Mitsubishi remote control to the Desk.

If for some reason you are unable to turn on the Mitsubishi Unit in Suite E, you can reduce or increase the temperature in Suite E by using the Main building AC/Heating, as the Main Building AC/Heating is connected to Suite E as well. See the instruction above.

Vent Opened