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I have over 15 years of office organization, office management and accounting experience and over 10 years of web development experience.

In 2002, I obtained a degree in Computer Science and began my career as a software engineer and web developer.

In 2012, I stepped away from software engineering due to a crisis in our family business. My full-time accounting & office management experience was required after my husband experienced an injury. While assisting my husband with his business, I assisted other small businesses with both my accounting and website development expertise.

In 2018, I combined my office management and website development skills to jump-start a shared office space in Old Town Orange. Today more than 40 professionals now use this thriving office space and call it their work-home. Our unique business model has helped many new business start-ups.

I enjoy helping others so even today I continue to look for opportunities to use my office management, accounting, and website development skills to help potential employers.

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My Personal Skills

  • Experienced and have the ability to productively Work Remote
  • Proven ability to set goals & conquer challenges
  • Ability to work on multiple tasks and set priorities
  • Work well independently or in a team environment
  • Excellent oral & written communication skills
  • Precise and thorough attention to detail
  • Self-motivated with ability to take charge when needed
  • Innovative with strong problem-solving skills
  • Always eager to learn new technologies
  • Dedicated and reliable

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Open to Opportunities

I am seeking a position in Accounting, Bookkeeping, Office Management, or entry-level Web | PHP Development. With my diverse skill set, I could utilize my skills to assist an organization in either position or in both.

I am open to Freelance, Contract, Full-time Temporary, or Part-time positions. I can work remote, in-office or both to meet an employers needs.

I am extremely flexible, just let me know how I can assist your business.

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I take productivity and customer service seriously

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